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Shocker Rider Number 2

Shocker Rider Number 2 is the second of the Shocker Riders. He has a white scarf. Shocker Rider 2 impersonating Kamen Rider 1 in the Tachibana Racing Club. However, Kamen Rider 1 arrives and sees him. Shocker Rider 2 fights alongside Eidokugar and, together, they defeat Kamen Rider 1. Later, he returns alongside five other Shocker Riders and, together, they they performs Rider Shooting to the two Kamen Riders, who escape and held Eidokugar as hostage by Anti Shocker Union. The Shocker Riders attempt to ambush the two heroic Riders in a trap alongside Namekujikinoko, but, in that rematch, after Rider 1 & 2 performs Rider Wheel, Shocker Rider 2 is destroyed alongside the other Shocker Riders by crashed to each other when they tried to attack the Double Rider in mid air.

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