Shocker Rider Number 1

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Kamen Rider is Me!" ―After Haetoribachi and Rider 1 falling together in the sea.

Shocker Rider Number 1 is the first Shocker Riders. He has a yellow scarf. Shocker Rider 1 appears at the end of episode 91 in Gel-Shocker base and soon afterwards fights alongside Haetoribachi and defeats Kamen Rider 1, who later disappears in the sea along with Haetoribachi. He attempts to replace the defeated Kamen Rider and destroy Anti Shocker Union's computer tape, but his real identity is revealed by Hayato Ichimonji. He is defeated by Kamen Rider 2 during bike battle, but manages to survive. Later, he returns alongside five other Shocker Riders and, together, they performs Rider Shooting to the two Kamen Riders, who later escape and held Eidokugar as hostage by Anti Shocker Union. The Shocker Riders attempt to ambush the two heroic Riders in a trap alongside Namekujikinoko, but, in that rematch, after Rider 1 & 2 performs Rider Wheel, Shocker Rider 1 is destroyed alongside the other Shocker Riders by crashed to each other when they tried to attack the Double Rider in mid air.