Shocker is a mysterious terrorist organization appearing as the primary antagonist in the Japanese TV series Kamen Rider.

The organization was founded after World War II ended, by remaining members of the Nazis who vowed to avenge the deceased Hitler.

Shocker's operatives have been kidnapping millions of innocent humans to use for surgery and experimentation. Most of their human subjects are used to create kaijin via Shocker's scientists giving them animal/plant DNA, turning them into a mutants with superhuman abilities.

Shocker's grunts were called Shocker Combatmen, and even one is tougher, faster, and stronger than a typical human being.

One of their victims was Takeshi Hongo, who escaped after he was given the power to transform into Kamen Rider Ichigo and vowed to use his powers to fight against Shocker. Shocker later tried to create another Kamen Rider using photographer Hayato Ichimonji, but it failed when Kamen Rider Ichigo rescued Hayato from being brainwashed. Hayato then became Kamen Rider Nigo.

Later incarnations

After Shocker was originally defeated, it continued to resurface in numerous forms.


Gel-Shocker was formed by the remnants of Shocker merging with another organization called Geldam. After Ambassador Hell's defeat, the Great Leader went forward with his plans to merge Shocker and Geldam, reorganizing Shocker from the ground up and destroying all remaining secret bases. The remaining Shocker Combatmen were massacred and replaced by the stronger Gel-Shocker troopers.

Gel-Shocker was led by the Great Leader of Gel-Shocker and General Black, a Geldam commander originally stationed in Africa.


Destron was formed by the mysterious Great Leader and other surviving members of Gel-Shocker. Though it had branches in every country, it focused most of its attention on Japan. Destron's Mechanical Army at first weren't directly supervised, but after their many failures the High Destron placed Doktor G in charge of the day to day operations of Destron's division in Japanese.

Black Satan

Black Satan was a new organization led by the Great Boss of Black Satan. similar in several aspects to Shocker itself though unlike Shocker, it used Kikkaijin, "Bizarre Machine Men") rather than the inhumanoids used by Shocker and Destron. It also utilized "Satan Bugs" to mind control people around the world, alongside. The organization's downfall came when it was betrayed by General Shadow and destroyed by Kamen Rider Stronger.


Shocker was once again reformed as Neo-Shocker. It was responsible for many terrorist attacks against the Japanese government and mysterious disappearances of people. They sought to eliminate two thirds of the current human population on Earth with them as the dominant majority. Skyrider defeated the organization's Japanese branch commanders and, with the help of the Seven Legendary Riders, defeated its international members as well. The organization later dissolved after the death of their Great Leader.

Badan Empire

The Badan Empire was an amalgam of previous groups who had attempted to conquer the Earth and were defeated by the Kamen Riders. It was headed by the Generalissimo of Badan, with Ambassador Darkness serving as a decoy leader. In addition to members relating to Shocker's various incarnations, as well as Geddon and Dogma Kingdom, it also utilized a new powerful "Roid" series of cyborgs.


Dai-Shocker is a conglomeration of all Kamen Rider villain organizations aiming to conquer all dimensions. Their insignia is double-headed version of Shocker's eagle crest with the "DCD" enscribed on it, hinting at Decade's ties to them. They stationed their agents in various alternate worlds in order to achieve total domination over the multiverse and creation itself. After being defeated, it was briefly reformed as Super Shocker, but was defeated again by the Heisei Riders.

Dai-Shocker's most recent return saw them both clash and join forces with Dai-Zangyack, a similar organization comprised villains who fought the Super Sentai.

Space Shocker

Space Shocker is an organization comprised of resurrected Kamen Rider villains seeking to conquer the entire universe. The man behind their resurrection was Reider from the Space Crime Syndicate Madou, who used Space Shocker as a distraction while he worked to complete his own plan.

Nova Shocker

Nova Shocker is an opposing organization that has been planning to overthrow the original Shocker, leading a civil war between these organizations, and Ambassador Hell himself, being a last leader of his Shocker faction make an uneasy alliance with the Kamen Riders Ghost, Specter, and a newly improved Kamen Rider 1. Their primary target is to kidnap Tobei Tachibana's granddaughter, Mayu, to release Alexander the Great Eyecon from her body.


Shocker Kaijin

Independant Kaijin

Colonel Zol's Kaijin

Doctor Shinigami's Kaijin

Ambassador Hell's Kaijin


In OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go, Kamen Riders!, when Ankh and Eiji accidentally left a Core Medal in 1971, they allowed Shocker to defeat the Double Riders and take over the world, with the members of other evil organizations joining them in their conquest.


Allied Organizations

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Kamen Rider (1971) Akuma No Shocker

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