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Shock Sites

The collective list of "Shock Sites".

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Shock Sites are a type of website designed to "shock" those who come across them, often showing disturbing and/or offensive material these sites are widely populated by Trolls and also serve as a rich source of resources for Trolls to latch onto and spread to unsuspecting victims via threads, social sites or hacking.

Popular choices for "Shock" Trolls include pornographic pictures, mutilation and pictures of dead or dying individuals (sometimes children, though many pictures are edited in some fashion, usually to make people think it is worse than it actually is - though some particularly nasty sites do show real pictures of atrocities).

Despite their controversial content not all Shock Sites are used primarily by Trolls, some groups such as PETA are infamous for utilizing Shock Sites in their campaigns - though often these sites are shut down after a while when authorities become aware of their content.

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