Sho-gun is a villain from SaGa II/Final Fantasy Legend II, he is the corrupted leader of a world that has for some bizarre reason banned all bananas (this is explained by the fact that in the original Japanese game it was opium but due to tighter censorship laws at the time the Western version of the game recieved this much sillier (but less controversial) plot). Sho-gun worked in alliance with the smuggler Echigoya to supply the world with illegal banana produce and granted him immunity to the law in exchange for great monatory rewards - his involvement with the conspiracy was discovered by the heroes of the story when they eavesdropped on a meeting between him and Echigoya, during this meeting he also mentioned that he planned on using Magi to squeeze more money out of the townsfolk and thus the heroes of the story are prompted into confronting him, firstly by defeating Echigoya then tracking Sho-gun down to his castle where they engage him in a battle.
However upon defeat Sho-gun calls for aid from an unexpected "ally" in the form of his demonic-looking father, named Magnate: however Magnate was displeased with Sho-gun's failure and spirited him away to an unknown fate.
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