Shizuru Fujino

Shizuru Fujino was a tragic villainess in My-Hime.

Character description

She was the president of the Fuka Academy Student Council. At first, she is presented as very calm, however, her romantic feelings towards her friend Natsuki Kuga caused her to go unstable in her feelings for her. Unfortnately for her, she became a play piece for The Obsidian Lord. She began to kill Childs as a result. When fighting with Natsuki, she misinterpreted her emotions, and jumped to the conclusion that she hated her. However, this was proven to not be true, since Natsuki had shown that she also cared for her. Natsuki then commands Duran to decimate Kiyohime, and they both die as a result. When they were resurrected, however, Shizuru later continued her close friendship with Natsuki.