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Genju Minotaur-Fist Shiyuu is a Genjuken warrior who serves Sanyo.

Character History

One of Sanyo's Genshi, a master of the Genju Minotaur-Fist, style that relies on the power of mirrors. He uses his Mythical Reflection Mirror armor to perform his mirror-Gengi, using it on Retsu Fukami to infiltrate the Gekirangers. But Gou is not easily fooled and saves his brother from being trapped in the Mirror World. Shiyuu is wounded by GekiBatTohja Wolf before SaiDaiOh lands the deathblow. Shiyuu uses mirrors for his attacks but ironically hates to be imitated, leading him to use strange words so it is harder to emulate him.


Modus and Arsenal

Minotaur Gengi: ?

Turn Reversal: allows user to use a person's reflection to create a clone of himself that can assume the form of his target. The reflection-clones' existence depend on the target remaining trapped in the mirror world.

See also

  • Dynamir - Power Rangers counterpart in Jungle Fury.

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