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Shivers the Clown is the psychopathic serial killer from the film Fear of Clowns and its sequel Fear of Clowns 2. He is portrayed in both films by Mark Lassie.



Little is known on Doug Richardson's early life or how he was given the name Shivers the Clown though it is possible that he was once an entertainer. Doug suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, a condition that causes the sclera of his eyes to turn completely black. Doug is a known rapist and at some point in his early adult life he was convicted as a sex offender and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and placed under the care of psychiatrist Dr. Bert Tokyo. Before the events of the first film Doug Richardson was seemingly rehabilitated by Dr. Bert Tokyo and was released from his care.

Fear of Clowns

"That is the biggest fucking clown I've ever seen." Detective Peters
After Dr. Tokyo's divorce with Lynn Blodgett and his recent unemployment, Doug's former psychiatrist hired Doug and another criminal named Heston to kill Lynn after Bert put up a life insurance policy on his former wife. Shivers begins to stalk Lynn who has a deep seated fear of clowns, at one point brutally murdering her next door neighbors with an ax while Lynn slept. The following night Shivers appears outside Lynn's porch which caused her to faint from shock but Shivers is unable to killer after discovering her boss had been on the phone with her, forcing him to leave. Driven insane once again, Shivers is guided by the voice of his former psychiatrist telling him that he will be "cured" if he kills Lynn.

Worried that Shivers will upset his plans Bert orders him to leave Lynn alone. Going against Bert's orders Shivers sends a party clown to Lynn's house as a distraction before beheading the policeman sent to guard Lynn. Afterwards Shivers spies Heston nearby who breaks into Lynn's house after he leaves. Feeling betrayed, Shivers brutally murders his former psychologist for ruining his chances of being "cured". Still intent on murdering Lynn, Shiver's kidnaps Lynn's son Nicholas, dismembering his babysitter while Lynn is on a date with roller coaster designer Tucker Reid. Breaking into the theatre where Lynn and Tucker are, Shivers butchers the theatre's two employees before threatening to kill Nicholas if Lynn does not give herself up to which she complies. Just as Shivers is about to kill her, Tucker blinds him with the projectionist's booth which incapacitates him long enough for the police to arrive and take him into custody.