ShiverJack is a villain from the Disney Junior show, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, serving as the main antagonist of the episode "ShiverJack".

He is voiced by Mark Hamill.

He is known to be truly evil and dangerous, even much more ruthless than Captain Hook (the main antagonist of the series).


When ShiverJack made his debut, he put Belch Mountain on a good freeze, as well as a beach including a monkey trying to eat a banana as part of his plan to make Neverland his frozen domain.

He even put the freeze on Captain Hook and his crew, and later put the freeze on Izzy, Cubby, and Captain Frost. He froze Skull Rock to complete his mission, but this is short-lived when Jake, Skully, and Captain Flynn used a Heat Cannonball to defrost all of Neverland with the help from a magical orb containing the magical Never Winds that can melt the ice away.

As such, Neverland is freed from ShiverJack's control and everyone is defrosted (including Captain Hook). Despite being defeated, Shiverjack angrily vowed to return to Neverland more colder than he was before, just as he vanishes away.