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Shiv was a metahuman who could create weapons of energy from his hands. Getting his 'nom-de-crime' from a shiv (a kind of bladed weapon), Shiv is the immature jokester in the Meta-Breed; in fact, when he encountered the Joker, he tells the villain "Big fan, big fan...". He has been described as insane by both fans and creators of the show and comics. Shiv may be one of the many Bang Babies whose mental health was affected by the Big Bang, but this is never confirmed; he may simply just be an eccentric, childish jokester. Shiv's powers enable him to generate "light energy", which he could blast at opponents, and fashion into weapons which he could hold, throw, or fashion around his arms and hands—giving rise to his new alias; 'Shiv'. Shiv is assumed to have either returned to normal, or is now among the re-infected Dakota's Bang-Baby population at the end of the series

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