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The Shitennou (also known as Shiten'ou).

The four Shitennou (also known as Shiten'ou) are the 4 generals of the forces of the Negaverse and the loyal seervants of Queen Beryl.

They were acquiescent of Prince Endymion (Darien) serving him as his guardians and advisors during the Silver Millennium. As such, they were known as “heavenly kings”, "four heavenly kings" or "four sky kings" in the manga, anime and live action series. The title was relegated to “general” in the dubbed North American version of the anime. Presumably, like Queen Beryl, they were corrupted by Queen Metallia but eventually are restored back to their former state towards the end of the first series of the manga and the live action series but not in the anime.

In the anime, the following number of appearances for each of the Shitennou or “general” and evil Prince Endymion (Darien).



  • Each of the Shitennou have names which are derived from the name of a rock, mineral, or alloy.

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