I will feast upon your innards...
~ Shirakumo

Shirakumo is one of the Four Hellspawn Lords and a villain in the 2002 videogame Shinobi.


He appears to be a giant tarantula with the head of a tiger with 10 red eyes, and skulls for kneecaps on his 8 spider legs. Also on his hindquarters is a yin and yang symbol.

Shirakumo's Blood Lust

Shirakumo is one of the four Hellspawn Lords, powerful demon monarchs who were summoned by Hiruko to help crushing the human race with the legion of Hellspawn. He and his fellow Hellspawns Lords were defeated by the Oboro Clan.

After his return to the world of mortals, Shirakumo appeared in the damaged subways of present-day Tokyo, guarding Kagari Ubusuna. Hotsuma fought him and won as he slain Shirakumo.

Powers and Abilities

As a Hellspawn Lord, Shirakuom has immense strength and deadly powers. His common ability is his webbing which is incredibly strong, able to his prey in its tracks before attacking them. He can also swarms of his spider-like Hellspawn "children" called the Tsuchigumo.