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Shiragami is a villain in the manga Riki-Oh. He is one of the Four Emperors and the leader of the south cell block.


Shiragami has the appearance of a short, elderly man. Despite this, he is a formidable foe who uses large needles as weapons to skewer his victims. He assists Yomi during his battle with Riki-Oh. However, Kitamakura interferes and throws a pitchfork behind Shiragami's head (strangely, he survives, but has the pitchfork stuck behind his head in later scenes). Later on, while Riki-Oh is buried underground, Yomi and Shiragami appear to prevent him from surviving his burial, with Yomi beheading a dog and Shiragami taking an organ from the dog and sticking it down Riki-Oh's breathing tube. After Riki-Oh survives the burial, Yomi and Shiragami proceed to viciously torture Riki-Oh by smacking him around with a monkey wrench and stuffing a handful of razor blades into his mouth. After that scene, Yomi and Shiragami are not seen again.

However, in The Story of Ricky, Shiragami, along with Yomi, battle Riki-Oh one final time in the prison kitchen. After Riki-Oh defeats Yomi, Shiragami attempts to flee, but not before the Warden shoots and kills him.


  • Shiragami is known as Brandon in The Story of Ricky.
  • Shiragami, along with Yomi, were not seen again after the torture scene in the manga, leaving their fates unknown.
  • He, along with Kitamakura do not appear in the OVA.
  • In The Story of Ricky, Shiragami/Brandon does not have the pitchfork stuck to his head, although Kitamakura/Tarzan still uses it, but to back Shiragami/Brandon and Yomi/Rogan off.

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