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Shinya Kurai is Yonaka's older brother and the hidden but true main antagonist of the rpg horror game, "Mogeko Castle"

In Mogeko Castle

Several times in the game Shinya is mentioned through Yonaka's memories before she entered the castle. Shinya was Yonaka's motive to escape the castle on its seventh floor. At the end of the game when Yonaka does escape, however, she is confronted with Shinya holding a knife with chunks of meat and blood behind, which are their parent's remains. Yonaka tries to escape her brother but ends up back at Mogeko Castle, where she meets the king again, injures him, and returns home. Yonaka is confronted by Shinya again, but this time she has protection (a knife.) Her brother runs towards her but Yonaka sticks her knife out, which stabs Shinya. Shinya tells Yonaka he is happy and eventually dies.

Bad End 7

Bad end 7 occurs when you enter the house and Shinya starts to chase you. If you don't escape him he kills you, resulting in Bad End 7.


Shinya is shown to have black hair, his bangs covering his left eye. An ahoge can also be seen atop his head. He has fair skin and wears a common attire for high school guys. A black uniform with gold buttons, and also black pants and shoes. He and his younger sister, Yonaka, resemble each other a lot. His eyes are shown to be red the first time you meet him, perhaps a symbol of his insanity. However, should the player get the True End, it is revealed that his eyes were originally gray.


  • While Yonaka was at the castle, Shinya was busy killing their parents. When Yonaka gets home, the meat and blood seen behind Shinya are the dead remains of Shinya's and Yonaka's parents.
  • It is unknown why Shinya killed his family and attempted to kill Yonaka.
  • Despite Shinya only appearing at the end of the game, he had the biggest and most effective plans out of the other two villains, Moge-ko and King mogeko.