Shinomori Aoshi is an anti hero in Rurouni Kenshin who is the leader of the Oniwabanshū
Shinomori Aoshi
and is a master swordsman.

He is played by Yusuke Iseya, who is best known as Minamoto no Yoshitsune.


Aoshi was an orphan child who grew up in the Edo period and trained as a ninja with the help of Kashiwazaki Nenji. He adopted Makimachi Misao as a student and deeply cared for his comrades.

They met Takeda Kanryū, a ruthless businessman, and became his personal assassins. He and his men are tasked with capturing Takei Magumi, who escaped after seeing her master get killed. Eventually, Aoshi saw Takeda for the monster he really was and betrayed him. This led to his demise.



  • It is possible he may have feelings for Megumi Takei.
  • Yusuke Iseya, who played him in the sequel, was rumored to play Shishio Makoto