Shinno by apostoll-d61sy9s

Shinno, also known as Dr. Shinno, is the main antagonist in the second Naruto Shippuden film "Bonds". He was voiced by Unsho Ishizuka in Japanese and English dubbed by Jamieson Price.


It was revealed that in the past, he taught Orochimaru forbidden reincarnation ninjutsu. He also took in an orphan girl named Amaru that was terribly ill. After saving her, he raised Amaru like she was her own. Secretly however, Shinno had plotted to gather up dark chakra with the Zero Tails for several years.

Role in the film

After sky ninja attacked the Hidden Leaf Village, Shinno and Amaru appeared for help for their village. After healing a group of villagers, Shinno insisted that Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata would escort them back to their village. There, when Amaru accidently sets off a trap, Shinno jumped in and sacrificed himself to save her life.

Later, inside the floating structure, it turned out that Shinno was completely fine by using the illusion of death. He revealed that he was with the sky ninja and that he only portrayed as a doctor just to have Amaru's trust. He used up the Dark Chakra that he harvested from the villagers and gained the "ultimate body", which gave him superhuman strength and the ability to freely manipulate his chakra. He repeatedly demolished Naruto a few times, due to Amaru having negative emotions. After Amaru let go of those feelings, Naruto was able to gain the upper hand. Before he could deliver the final blow, Sasuke appeared and told Shinno that he had to go to Orochimaru.

After refusing him, Saskue used Chidori Senbon to disrupt Shinno's chakra flow, which stripped him of his dark power and made him into an old man. During the final battle, Shinno merged with the Zero Tails to kill Naruto and Saskue once and for all. After he emerged and taunted them, the cocoon bursted, killing him once and for all.