Its not like I became a traitor because I wanted to.
~ Shinji Inukai

Shinji Inukai (in Japanese: 犬戒慎司) is one of the main characters of the anime, manga, and otome game series Hiiro no Kakera. He is one of Tamaki Kasuga's Guardians.




Shinji is a polite and very gentle guy who will use honorifics when addressing someone, even if they have the same age as him. He is also enjoys being around his friends, and it is to the point where he thinks that by having Onikirimaru removed from the village, his friends and him could live in peace, in which showing that he is a poor decision maker and made him into the traitor.

Despite his looks, he is very strong-willed and stubborn guy.


Cooking: Despite being a male, Shinji is good at cooking.

Kotodama: Shinji can use the power of words to control anything and anyone by giving the words special meanings.

Shield Creation: Shinji has the power of creating shields.

Fast Recovery: Despite not being the true guardian of the Inukai family, Shinji possess the ability of fast recovery, which is most likely because of the fact that he has Monado Aria awaking his powers.