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You are a toy doll, you are a companion of a child who has outgrown you, keep that in mind.
~ Shingen Yashida
It was my father's obsession... with mutation, with God's mistakes... like you and her, that ruined this house.
~ Shingen Yashida

Shingen Yashida is the tertiary antagonist in the 2013 movie; The Wolverine. He is played by Hiroyuki Sanada.

He is the son of Ichirō Yashida and the apparent heir to his business empire. However it is later revealed that Ichirō intended to pass it down to his granddaughter Mariko instead. Enraged by this "insult", Shingen attempts to have his own daughter murdered so he can seize control of the company. However Mariko comes under the protection of Wolverine (who Shingen despises for being both a Gaijin and a mutant) and Shingen is later attacked and mutilated by Viper. Donning the Silver Samurai armor he attempts to kill Wolverine and Yukio, only to be ultimately killed by Wolverine during the battle as Shingen realizes his healing power, knowing he is no match against Logan.



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