Shine is the de facto leader of Criminal Organization Crime and the main antagonist of J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai. He is an artificial intelligence entity from the second Star of the Shine Galaxy and the superior of Boss Iron Claw, intending to use CRIME for his take over the Earth.

He debuts in episode 23 in silhouette, but his true form is not revealed until the final episode.


Shine had his subordinate Boss Iron Claw serve as the face of CRIME while he led it behind the scenes and used it for his plans to control Earth.

However, after the repeated failures of Iron Claw to defeat J.A.K.Q., Shine created the super cyborg Great King Icarus to supercede Iron Claw as leader of CRIME and defeat JAKQ. He also began to implement his ultimate plan, the "Stardust Plot", which would involve the Earth being pushed out of its orbit.

However, Iron Claw later rebelled against Shine's rule, causing a fracture in CRIME's leadership. Shine was eventually confronted by JAKQ and revealed to be an alien satellite before being easily dispatched.