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Shin Uchiha's clones are seemingly the secondary antagonists of the Naruto Gaiden spinoff series. They are clones and henchman of a man by the same name, Shin Uchiha.


One of the clones first appears engaging in combat with Sasuke but swiftly forced back. He meets up in a mysterious clearing where he reports to his "father" wearing what appears to be an Akatsuki robe. The two briefly talk about Sasuke, agreeing that he is too strong of an opponent but that he still needs to die. Afterward, Shin goes after Chocho Akimichi and Sarada Uchiha after finding out they left Konoha. Shin engages them in battle where he eventually gains the upper-hand and tries to kill Chōchō until Naruto shows up and saves her. Shin then unveils his Mangekyō Sharingan and attempts to strike them with shuriken which get blocked by Naruto's Bijuu Mode. Shin's father then appears as a weird creature, telling him to fall back. In which he is then teleported away. Shin later teleports with his father to where Naruto and Sarada is and uses six of his clones to fight them with.

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