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Shin Hyun-tae (real name:Han Yeong-tae) is main villain of 2004 Korean Drama Green Rose is a Vice-Ceo who
Shin hyun tae
seek revenge against Chairman Oh Byung-moo who stole his father's work which caused to his suicide after Young-ho begged Mr Oh to saved his father but refused left his father died and his mother gave him for adoption for Shin Family when Young-ho change his name Hyun-tae. Hyun-tae become successful man joined Oh's company for not knowing his true identity

He found out Soo-ah was in love with Lee Jung-hyun, a poor man with bright future who worked Mr Oh caused him to jealous

Later Mr Oh found out that Hyun-tae sold his work to China and become angry at him and Hyun-tae revealed to identity which shocked Mr Oh

Hyun-tae survived when Yoo-ran chose him to suicide at bridge

Byung-se apologized to Hyun-tae about his father's death but he refused  Soo-ah told him how he therted her with kindness but with deaths of Yoo-ran and others and misery of Jung-hyun and his mother, Hyun-tae hold Soo-ah hostage with knife as Jung-hyun and police who received his edvnivce told to gave up. at Roof when Hyun-tae ask Soo-ah that she did love her or not? as Jung-hyun came to stop him but Hyun-tae realized his mistakes and end up commit suicide in front of them.

He played by Lee Joon-hyuk who best known as Lee Jung-rok in A Gentleman's Dignity and Jake Cuenca in Filipino remake of series as Edward Fuentebella.


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