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Shikou Mibuya

I've trained many girls to fight gods until now, but I only sent them to their deaths. It must be the way of this country: to drink the blood of young girls and go on living.
~ Shikou Mibuya

Shikou Mibuya is the second boss of Castle of Shikigami III.

A crow tengu, the real Mibuya is the uncle of Sayo Yuuki and also her mentor. The one who appears at the castle is a illusion created after Sayo's memories, as the real one is well and far away from Alcaland. He uses a bird shikigami called Yata, similar to Sayo's own shikigami.

Mibuya's attacks mainly consist of sending flaming crows around the place, either straight or circling around him, while shooting the regular shots. Midway through the battle he charges a golden arrow which never misses, sealing the player's regular attacks.

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