Shikorae (死堪, Shikorae) is an antagonist from Tokyo Ghoul:re. He's a ghoul and a member of the Aogiri Tree.


Shikorae has a stripped long-sleeved shirt that only covers his chest and wears dark colored pants. His tie has the markings of the Kanji of God and bears a psychotic look on his face. On the lower half of his face, he has a small mask comprised of small bones.


Shikorae appears to be very scatterbrained on first impression. He's shown to have a fast and crazy pace and is confirmed by Shousei. He has speech patterns that are simple and sometimes end with alt codes.


Rosewald Investigation

Shikorae first appears during an attack against the Quinx Squad by a group of Aogiri members hired by Karren von Rosewald where he ambushes a distracted Saiko Yonebayashi and pins her to the ground. He finds her hiding and comments on how chubby she is after pinning her down and decides to fast on her. He starts with her arm until a mysterious Robed Giant shows up and attacks him with his ukaku kagune and wounds him. Shikorae then retreats along with the rest after Sasaki overpowered everyone else. 

Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation

Shikorae appears at the end of the arc mainly during the aftermath of the Tsukiyama Operation. He particiaptes in an attack lead by Naki where members of the Aogiri Tree attack a CCG Transport and they steal the body of Ginshi Shirazu for Kanou's experiments.