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Shift is the main antagonist of The Chronicles of Narnia book: The Last Battle.

Fictional character biography

Shift lived at Cauldron Pool along with Puzzle, a simpleminded talking donkey. One day, he spots a lion skin floating in the Pool and demands for Puzzle to retrive and wear it. He then uses Puzzle as a pretend Aslan and tells the Narnians that Aslan returned. Eventually he even teamed up with the Carlomenes and their commander Rishda the Tarkaan and later also had help from a cat named Ginger. During this time, he stated that the Calormene god Tash and Aslan were the same, dubbing them Tashlan. He then hands Narnia over to the Calormenes and has a majority of the Narnians killed at Stable Hill in a battle against Tirian, Jill, Eustace and some other loyal Narnians. He met his demise when he was thrown into the Stable and was devoured by the Calormene god Tash. Narnia is soon destroyed by the true Aslan and Puzzle and other Narnians including the Pevensies (minus Susan, who is no longer a friend of Narnia) enter Aslan's Country (also called New Narnia).


Shift wanted to take over Narnia by using a fake Aslan (Puzzle) and got everything he wanted. His greediness was what eventually destroyed him. He is interpreted by some to be the Antichrist of Revelation.

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