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Shichigoro is a highly skilled Samurai like Afro and the adoptive father of Kotaro, who wields a katana and a chain in battle. Shichigoro gained the Number Two Headband when Kotaro's father was killed. (Kotaro's Father's last words were No more, no more killing.)

Kotaro's father was a friend of Shichigoro an old battle buddy apparently and so Shichigoro took the Headband in hopes of hiding it as Sword Master and Afro's Father had wished. He meets Afro after Afro Saves Kotaro from a kidnapper who wanted to use him as leverage to get the Number Two Headband from Shichigoro and to thank Afro treats him to a meal.

After the meal Shichigoro reveals he knows who Afro is and that he knows why he came (The Headband) he ask's the shopkeeper/barman to watch Kotaro and goes outside to duel Afro. Shichigoro states he won't give Afro the Headband and he must be killed for it but not because he was playing by the Headband rules but for his Friend and his adopted son and to kill Afro and states that he thinks he is the man to kill Afro.

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