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Shibiretta is a villainess of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. Once she traps Pretty Cure into a fairy tale, she turns an object from that tale into a Hoshina. In her office she has a desk with a book with every single fairy tale in it, she can turn the page just with her mind and uses it to trap people in fairy tales.

Shibiretta is very cruel, carries a staff which can shoot dark energy and laughs when seeing people in pain. Her eyes are rarely revealed, hidden under her mushroom hat.


Shibiretta wears a green cloak but on a few occasions she changes. Her most notable feature is the mushroom on her head. She wears a swirly medallion and wears black boots. When in a duel she caries a staff which manipulates dark energy. Her face is extremly ugly.


  • Shibiretta and Arachnea both are very similar because:
    • They both are portayed a the lone female employee.
    • Both take Pretty Cure somewhere else to fight (Arachnea takes pretty cure to the sewers and Shibiretta takes them into fairy tales).
  • Both have a hate for the executive (Arachnea, Kawarino, Shibitetta and Anacondy).

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