Stephanie "Sherry" Pulaski is the main character in the Final Destination: Looks Could Kill novel. She is a model that foresaw the sinking of the Coral Clipper yatch, and the first anti-hero of the franchise.


Losing her beauty

Stephanie was a model working for a woman named Pier Merlot, was friends with star model Abgail "Carbenet" Foster, and the girlfriend of William "Brut" Simms. After being announced as a spokesmodel for a new line of perfumes, she goes with Merlot to her yatch, the "Coral Clipper", docked in Pier 13. However, before entering the boat, Sherry has a vision of the boat sinking and killing everyone aboard including herself. She freaks out and manages to ger Brut, Cabernet, some other models and a photographer named Gunter Nonhoff off the ship before it sinks and kills everybody within it. However, a piece of the ship's debris flies off of it and hits Sherry in the face, disfiguring her beyond recognition. She stays in a coma with Cabernet as her only company, as Burt dumped her and started to go out with another survivor named Rose.

Deal with Death

After staying in the hospital for three months, she is finally released and goes home, where she is received with a "Welcome Home" party. During her party, Gunter gives her a mask of what she looked like, much to her anger. After yelling at everybody to leave, she finally tries to commit suicide through hanging, but the chair she's standing on breaks and she receives a phone call from Death telling her to meet him at a café. There, she meets Death disguised as an old man with dark skin and a suit, who makes a deal with her to help him kill the survivors in exchange for the reconception of her face. After watching every survivor die, Sherry's face is slowly reformed to her original self. However, after Gunter is killed before putting the pieces together, Sherry is ordered to kill Cabernet, who is in labor, but she refuses to kill her due to her friendship and breaks the deal, allowing Cabernet to have her baby (only new life can defeat Death) and survive, but Sherry herself would later suffer the consequences. Sherry was the last survivor of the Coral Clipper accident to die.


Deciding to hang out with Cabernet, Sherry crosses the street to enter the limo where Cabernet herself is waiting. However, she gets a phone call while halfway to the limo that reads "DEATH" in it and watches as a bus driven by Death itself comes towards her out of nowhere.

Clues to Sherry's death

  • Sherry was supposed to die after Cabernet, but she broke her deal with Death right before she could help him in killing her only friend.
  • Her death occured a year after the yatch's sinking.
  • The bus that ran her over had the word "terminal" in the destination sign.