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Evil Sherri 2.5 Men 2

Sherri is a villainess from the second season of Two and a Half Men.

She was portrayed by Jeri Ryan, who is best known for playing Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and also played the villainous Alexis Barnes in The Sentinel's two-part episode, "Sentinel Too."

Sherri first appeared in the episode, "Bad News From the Clinic?," as the girlfriend of Charlie Harper, but she often played hard to get with Charlie, making an excuse to get him to leave after they've slept together. One night after a sexual encounter, Charlie and Sherri were on a dinner date, which ended early when Sherri stated that she had an early meeting in the morning. Irked by Sherri's attitude (despite Charlie possessing the same traits), Charlie decided to end things with her at their next date. Before he had the chance, the evil Sherri easily manipulated Charlie by complimenting his looks, which led to another sexual encounter, which ended with the same result. Sherri's comeuppance (in Charlie's mind) came when he turned the tables on her; leaving when she wanted to sleep with him again.

Sherri resurfaced later in the season in "A Low, Guttural, Tongue Flapping Noise," when Charlie and Alan run into her at a coffee shop. Alan makes a move on Sherri, who appears to have reformed from her villainous ways, and the two end up dating. The relationship ends abruptly, when Alan couldn't get over Sherri's past relationship with Charlie. Sherri resurfaced in the highly anticipated Season Nine opener, "Nice To Meet You, Walden Schmidt"; she was one of Charlie's long list of ex-girlfriends who attended his funeral.