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Shermie is one of the villains from The King of Fighters' 97.


Shermie was a normal person who lived her life peacefully. She formed a rock band with Yashiro Nanakase and Chris, where she played the keyboards. When a scheduled show of them was canceled in favor of the jazz band of Iori Yagami, Yashiro got really angry, swearing revenge on Iori, but just then he realized that not only him but his two pals were the Heavenly Kings, the strongest members of the Hakkeshu, and that they had a duty to continue from were Goenitz left and resurrect Orochi. As Yashiro hosts the King of Fighters tournament in order to gather the energy of the fighters so that Orochi can finally awake, Shermie and Chris join him to help in the plan. After the finals of the tournament, Iori enters the Riot of Blood, going berserk due to Yashiro's influence on him. Kyo Kusanagi defeats Iori, snapping him out of his frenzy state, so Yashiro and his friends make their appearance, revealing their plan and challenging Kyo and his team, so that he can gather the final energy necessary for the awakening. The trio is defeated, but Orochi finally awakes, possessing Chris to fight Kyo. Kyo and Iori join their forces with Chizuru Kagura, defeating Orochi and sealing it again. Shermie and Chris are killed by Yashiro, who commits suicide shortly after, in order to keep his master alive.


Shermie is a very friendly person, who doesn't seems to take things seriously, but will do what is necessary when needed.

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