Sheriff zapata

Sheriff Zapata is Uncle Jalapeno's nemesis whom Uncle Jalapeño sends Sackboy to defeat in the Serpent shrine level. His area is The Canyons.


Sheriff Zapata is highly skilled with bombs, very much like Uncle Jalapeño. It is not known why he is called Sheriff, considering that he is a villain and not part of the law. (Perhaps he might be a crooked sheriff running the town.) He first appears in Boom Town and later in Serpent Shrine, as the first boss in LittleBigPlanet. Just before Sheriff Zapata is fought in Serpent Shrine, you will find a prize bubble containing him. The Mines is the only level in The Canyons in which he doesn't make an appearance.


Sheriff Zapata is slightly dirty. He wears a black hat with a bullet hole, and has a big, black moustache. He wears a beige, patched-up suit with an orange tie. He also wears white socks and black shoes.


  • His name is a likely reference to Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata .