Sheriff Terrorbull
Sheriff Terrorbull is the secondary antagonist in the animated series Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, acting as the corrupt sheriff on behalf of the equally corrupt Mayor Bulloney. He also dons the disguise of The Masked Bull. He is the archenemy of Marshal Moo Montana.


Assisted by his moronic henchmen, the scorpion Saddlesore and vulture Boot Hill Buzzard, Terrorbull terrorizes the area surrounding Moo Mesa as The Masked Bull, posing as the archnemesis of the lawcows, particularly Marshall Moo Montana. His main weapon is a gun that fires a whip rather than bullets, effectively serving as two weapons combined as one. Although The Masked Bull is always foiled, Sheriff Terrorbull is never confronted or removed from his post. This, however, may be due to Bulloney's corrupt practices at work.

In his first appearance, he attempted to rob a train of its explosive contents. With Bulloney, he attempts to arrange the death of Moo while he stands atop a parade float. Terrorbull goes to set off the charge, only to be foiled when he's catapulted by the resulting explosion.