Wait, draw a cowboy hat on him.
~ Sheriff Not-A-Robot when he sees Emmett's wanted poster.

Sheriff Not-A-Robot is a minor antagonist of the 2014 film, The LEGO Movie. He is the boss of the Deputrons, Calamity Drone, and Wiley Fusebot, and is one of Lord Business's henchmen that is a part of the Super Secret Police.

Role in the film

He is first seen when Bad Cop comes into the bar with a wanted poster of Emmet. He tells him to draw a cowboy hat on him, and after Bad Cop does so, Sheriff Not-A-Robot makes a menacing face.

Not long after that, he attempts to catch the master builders under Bad Cop's orders, but the Sheriff and the other robots on their horses miss, and fall off a gorge as he was falling the sheriff shouted Dangnabbit!! to their deaths, exploding as they hit the ground.


Sheriff Not-A-Robot turns out to be very sadistic, and enjoys doing his job. He would let nothing stand in his way, as shown when he blew up one of the tires on the Master Builders' cartwheel. His actions would ultimately lead to him and his henchmen falling to their deaths hundreds (or thousands) of feet below.