Sheriff Ethan Miller is a character appearing on the WB/CW television series Smallville. He first appeared as a minor supporting character before becoming the main antagonist of the Season 2 episode "Suspect."

He was a good friend to the Kent family, and was well-liked by the community of Smallville. He first appeared as a deputy before being promoted to Sheriff.

He is played by Mitchell Kosterman.


Ethan was close friends with Jonathan Kent while they were both attending Smallville High; he even signed Jonathan's yearbook with the message "To Jonathan, a great quarterback; a better friend." He was also the first Smallville resident to meet Jonathan and Martha's newly-adopted son, Clark.

In "Suspect," Ethan was secretly working for Lionel Luthor, providing him with background information on LexCorp's Board of Directors so Lionel could blackmail them into selling their shares and thus buy-out LexCorp. Deciding to terminate their arrangement since he couldn't meet Lionel's demands, he sneaked into the Luthor Mansion and shot Lionel.

Ethan then had Mike, another high school friend, drug Jonathan at the Wild Coyote and laid out evidence that led to Jonathan's arrest. His plot, however, was uncovered by Clark, and he was arrested.

Ethan was later replaced by Nancy Adams.