You may have defeated my lieutenant, but the Darkside of XEEN will always be mine. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
~ Sheltem

Sheltem is the main villain in the classic Might and Magic games (book one to five).


Sheltem is a Guardian, an android created by the Ancients. The Ancients have seeded the universe with flat worlds known as "Nacelles". To each Nacelle, they would designate a Guardian, who had advanced magical powers and was tasked with protecting his Nacelle, especially from the evil Kreegans. Sheltem was designated as the Guardian of Terra, the planet from which the Ancients have originated. With time, Sheltem starts resenting the Ancients, believing they were interfering with his job, eventually going mad. The Ancients, not willing to take chances, sent Corak the Mysterious to investigate Sheltem's behavior. Corak arrests Sheltem, deciding to take him to the Ancients. However, his ship faces mechanical problems and crashes, allowing Sheltem to escape.

Secret of the Inner Sanctum

Sheltem arrives on VARN, where he starts his rampage. He imprisons King Alamar and disguises himself as the King. A group of adventurers eventually blow his cover, forcing him to send to a dungeon while he flees. The group eventually find their way out, using a secret magic portal to another world. However, Sheltem followed them through the portal.

Gates to Another World

Sheltem and the adventurers arrive on CRON, as Sheltem taunts them. He drives the planet off it's course, steering it towards the sun. While the heroes are busy trying to save the planet, Sheltem escapes again. The adventurers manage to stop the planet, though.

Isles of Terra

Sheltem manages to arrive back at Terra, but Corak is hot on his trail. A new group of adventurers join Corak to stop Sheltem, forcing him to flee in a spacecraft. Corak gives pursuit in another spacecraft, while the adventurers follow them in a third spacecraft. The adventurers, however, are thrown off-course, never to be seen again. (Or so the narration claims; they would appear later in the seventh game.)

Clouds of Xeen

Sheltem safely arrives on XEEN, while Corak crash-lands and gets trapped within his ship. XEEN was a world split in two levels: the clouds, high above the sky, and the darkside, on the ground level. Sheltem then creates a undead minion called Lord Xeen, whom he tasks with conquering the clouds, while he himself conquers the darkside. A group of adventurers defeat Lord Xeen, being taunted by Sheltem shortly after, since he have already conquered the darkside of XEEN.

Darkside of Xeen

The adventurers travel to the darkside, while Sheltem is driving many planets into their suns. They manage to set things straight, eventually finding Corak's ship. As they free Corak, he devises a plan to put an end to Sheltem's schemes once and for all. Corak gives them the Soul Box, with which they can carry Corak's essence inside Sheltem's castle without him noticing. The adventurers invade the castle and finally reach Sheltem, opening the box to release Corak. The two fight each other, but since Sheltem has grown much more powerful he gets the upper hand. Corak, in a last desperate effort, grabs Sheltem and activates his self-destruct device, killing them both in the proccess.