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You shtaring at my neckbrace?!
~ Shelly Marsh
Shut up, Turds!
~ Shelly Marsh

Shelly Marsh is the recurring antagonist of South Park - she is the older sister of Stan Marsh and is often portrayed as a violent bully, though on rare occasions she can show a kinder side; though this seldom lasts long.

Shelly is named after, and based upon, Trey Parker's older sister, Shelly Parker.

She is voiced by Mona Marshall who also played Krailoni.


Stan Marsh

He is Shelly's younger brother. She used to beat him up much of the time, but was not seen doing so for a time. She did start punching him repeatedly in "Over Logging", however, when she thought of how her online boyfriend might worry for her if they could no longer e-mail each other. To date, this episode is the only instance in which her violence towards Stan is noticed by their parents, as Randy then runs over and tells Shelly to calm down. Shelly and Stan may have resolved their sibling rivalry, as Shelly has not shown any violence towards Stan since "Over Logging".

Sharon Marsh

She is Shelly's mother. Of all the grownups in the family, Sharon seems closest to Shelly. In Season 1, Sharon doesn't care is Shelly abuses her brother Stan. In "Over Logging", however, Sharon forces her daughter to turn off the computer. In California, she scolds Shelly for snatching Stan's tickets.

Randy Marsh

Randy is Shelly's father. He is usually seen interacting with Stan, but he and Shelly have spoken to each other several times. She was frustrated by Randy recording ridiculously everyday family antics, saying "Turn it off, Dad!"

Marvin Marsh

He is Shelly's paternal grandfather. She seems to love him a lot, because when she thought Stan was trying to kill him, she grew even angrier than usual at him.

Jimbo Kern

He is Shelly's uncle. Not much interaction happens between them.

Flo Kimble

She was Shelly's maternal great-aunt. Aunt Flo gave Shelly a television/CD player/surround sound home theater for Halloween, before she was killed by the evil goldfish she gave Stan.


Roy was Shelly's step dad. After Sharon divorces Randy in "Clubhouses", she stays with Roy. They stayed together until Sharon dared Randy to have sex with her and they make up.