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Shellshock is a turtle monster, and a one-time villain in the TV show; Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. He was created by Squatt and Baboo to destroy the Power Rangers.


Wanting to impressed their mistress, Squatt and Baboo decided to create a monster to destroy the Power Rangers. They created a monster with the body of a tortoise, with a baseball bat, a hook, and a cannon hidden inside the shell, and a traffic light with magical abilities on the shell. After they successfully created their monster, Squatt and Baboo sent Shellshock to destroy the rangers.

Shellshock proved to be a powerful monster as he managed to freeze most of the Rangers with his red traffic light beam and made Trini unable to stop running with his green "go" beam. Shellshock lost some of his power when Trini managed to shorted out his traffic light using the deandra flowers.

He was defeated by the Tyrannosauruszord and the Dragonzord.

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