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Careful, son. Just my friends call me Shelly.
~ Sheldon Marcone
You got friends? When did this happen?
~ Joe Hallenbeck

Sheldon "Shelly" Marcone is the main antagonist in the 1991 action-thriller film The Last Boy Scout.

He was portrayed by actor Noble Willingham.


Marcone is the owner of the L.A. Stallions football team, as well as the head of a scheme to legalize sports gambling. Senator Calvin Baynard has the deciding vote on this, but when Marcone tried to buy his vote, Baynard blackmailed him by demanding $6 million or else he would go to the police. Marcone sends his personal henchman Milo to kill Baynard and frame Joe Hallenbeck (a former Secret Service agent who was fired by Baynard) for his murder.

Joe is then photographed handing a briefcase filled with money to Baynard's bodyguards, but the money is then switched in the trunk with a rigged briefcase. Joe manages to escape from his captors with both briefcases and travels to Marcone's stadium, where he tells Marcone about the money in his car. Marcone takes the briefcase and flees, unaware that he has actually picked up the rigged briefcase. When he eventually opens it, it explodes in his face, killing him.

Marcone's death

Marcone is killed after opening a rigged briefcase

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