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Shelby Cummings is one of the main antagonist in A Cinderella Story. Unlike in Cinderella where she has to deal with her Evil Step Mother and Step Sisters. Cinderella has to deal with Shelby Cummings, she is similar to Lucifer the cat. But she makes the Step Sisters look like wimps. Shelby is the mean girl and the most popular girl in North Valley High School. She spent most of the movie bullying Samantha "Sam" Montgomery who is Cinderella in this movie and make her life miserable. Shelby has a boyfriend Austin Ames who is the quarterback of the high school football team and the most popular guy in high school. Austin is the prince charming of this high school. Austin breaks up with Shelby, because she doesn't love him. She is only dating him, because he is rich and popular. Only thinking of him as a trophy boyfriend. Austin doesn't love her. He wants to find a girl, who likes him for he is. He did, when he saw Sam in the Cinderella Dress in the Halloween dance. He fell for her and both of them won the King and Queen of the halloween Dance. Sam had to get back to the diner or Fiona would kill her. She made it back to the diner on time, but she dropped her phone. Austin found her cellphone at the dance when she dropped it. Her cellphone is password protected. Shelby also fell for Carter Farrell school geek who is friends with Sam. Carter was like the Jaq the mouse in the movie who helps Shelby find her prince. Carter was Zorro and she was unaware that was him. He confronted her by the pool, she was shocked and disgusted that was him. Shelby doesn't date geeks, it would ruin her reputation, she turned him down. Sam stepsisters found out the truth that was Sam's cell phone and humiliate her on stage with her act. Sam was humiliated and wanted to be left alone. She even get into Princeton, it was her dream school she wanted go to. But Fiona her step mother hide it and lied to her so that way she doesn't leave and be her slave forever. Sam was tired and decided to stand up for herself. She finally stood up to Fiona and moved out of the house. She declared her love to Austin, after the game he decided to go after her. His father wanted him go to USC. But he wants go to Princeton. He decide to go after her and go after Sam and tells Shelby were done for good. Sam and Austin finally go together and Shelby was defeated and hurt for good when Austin chose Sam over her. Sam looked at the book her read to her and it was a will that leaves her entire estate to Sam and the deed to the diner. Fiona got arrested and made a deal to the D.A. that gives her community service to work at Sam's diner. Shelby was even humiliated and defeated a lot worse, when she decide to pursue Carter when he became popular when he was in a acne medication commercial that made him a star. Carter chose the high school DJ and announcer instead of Shelby she was hurt and defeated again for good. Austin and Sam went to Princeton and start dating.


  • She is similar to Lexi Reed on A.N.T. Farm.
  • Shelby Cummings is also similar to Kate Sanders from Lizzie McGuire.