Shelia Jetta
Sheila Burns, better known as Jetta (her stage name) became the newest Misfit when Stormer suddenly heard music, particularly a "powerful" saxophone, blaring in a seedy dance club. Jetta became the newest Misfit when Stormer hears Jetta playing the saxophone in a seedy dance club during a search for new talent. Jetta is originally from Wissex, England and comes from a poor family; despite this, she likes telling people her family has close ties with the British Royal Family. Jetta is also a skilled pickpocket. Extremely perceptive and calculating, Jetta almost immediately begins a rivalry with Roxy for status in the band. Jetta's parents, Bertie and Flo, made an appearance in the episode "Britrock" and, like their daughter, are always looking to make a quick buck.