Sheeva ParasiteEve

Sheeva transformed

Sheeva is a boss in the videogame Parasite Eve. It is a loyal police dog that is mutated and controlled by Eve, to stage an attack on officer Aya Brea and her friends.

Sheeva was the star of the K-9 unit in the 17th Prescient in New York City. Sheeva was a favorite companion of Benjamin Dollis, son of Aya Brea's partner, Daniel Dollis, and Ben would often spend time playing with Sheeva when visiting the prescient. When Eve orchestrated an attack on the prescient though she mutated and took control of several stray animals making them a monstrous raid force; Sadly Sheeva was not immune to Eve's influence and was used to lure Ben deeper and deeper into the prescient. Ben was singled-out not for his relation to Aya or her partner but rather because he had an uncommon genetic code that would have been compatible with Eve's Ultimate Being, so Sheeva was made to lead Ben away
Sheeva the dog

Sheeva with Ben before transforming.

from the officers in the prescient. Chief Baker manages to find and pull aside Ben before Sheeva could get to him and pulls a gun on the highly suspect  K-9, prompting Sheeva, or rather Eve, to throw-caution-to-the-wind and transform Sheeva into a eldritch monster. Baker survived until Aya showed up and kept Ben safe in the process but he was severally injured. Aya puts down Sheeva successfully but Baker is hospitalized leaving Daniel as the de-facto Chief. Ben is left understandably traumatized from seeing his favorite dog go rabid and turn into a monster that tried to kill him and his father's friends.