Sheep (Wadanohara)
Mheehee... ♪
Sheep is a minor villain in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. They are a servant of the Sea of Death. According to Mogeko, along with Tarako, their gender is ambiguous/unknown.


Sheep is most likely the personification of a chambered nautilus. Their hair is grey and tentacle-like, their eye that shows is red and slanted downwards with a dark spot underneath, and they wear a black and white striped cloak with a large collar that covers their legs (if they have any) and long, giant sleeves that hide their hands (if they have any). A brown spiraled shell sits atop their head.


In the short screentime Sheep has, they are shown to be very resentful. Has a sort of obsession with Old.

Despite their affiliation with the Princess Mikotsu, they seem to have a "que sera sera" attitude. That's to say, they don't particularly care about the outcome. Their only goal seems to be to take out a grudge on The Great Sorcerer.


  • Sheep is one of the few characters in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea to not yet have artwork in the 'Character' section of Mogeko's website.