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Sheela was a servant of the Shadow Lord and the leader of the Greers during the Battle for Deltora.


Tales of Deltora

During the winter, Sheela was forced to camp at Raladin with Wrass and the Greer army.


Sheele died after she angered  Trell by mocking him. Trell lunged at her and pierced her heart. Although he did it out of anger, Sheela was happy, because she preferred to die quickly than face the Shadow Lord.


Sheela had white hair, black teeth and wrinkled skin. She also wore an eye patch over her right eye, although it is unknown why. Her hair, although messy, had two braids, tied together with a red bead.


Sheela was short-tempered and was known to speak her mind. During the Battle for Deltora, she was shown to be smart, being able to sense something was afoot.

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