The Sheegoth are the tertiary antagonists in Metroid Prime the first game in the Metroid Prime trilogy. The Sheegoth are the primary predators in the Phendrana pensinsula (try saying that with a mouthful of hot coffee!). The Sheegoth are bosses in the Phendrana region, being ice predators which can use any ice attac
Metroid Prime - Sheegoth Mini-Boss-202:48

Metroid Prime - Sheegoth Mini-Boss-2

The boss fight of the Sheegoth in Metroid Prime

k. They love freezing their enemies, and then trampling them, then eating them. When Samus goes to pick up the Ice Beam, it sinks into the floor, then out comes a horde of Sheegoth babies, then out comes the Mother Sheegoth. The Sheegoth take on two types, the Baby and Adult. The Sheegoth are all replaced with the Adult Sheegoth in later areas. These are extremely challenging and tenacious, requiring two Super Missile blasts to kill.

The Sheegoth were supposedly taken to planet Aether and mixed with local life to produce the Grenchlers.