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Shechem was a biblical person whose story is accounted in Genesis 34.

Biblical Account

Shechem was the son of Hamor and the prince of the Canaanite city of the same name. When Dinah, Jacob and Leah's daughter, went to Shechem to see the Canaanite women, Shechem saw her, and took her, and defiled her. He then grew infatuated with her. He later asks his father, Hamor, to ask Jacob if he could have his daughter as his wife. And, in return, they would receive their daughters as brides. Jacob's sons expected that he defiled their sister, and they agree to the offer only if all of the men in the city would get circumsized. On the third day, two of Jacob's sons, Simeon and Levi enter the city with their swords drawn, and they kill Shechem and his father along with the other men in the city. They then take their sister Dinah and they plunder the city of its valuables. Jacob, however, was infuriated at what they committed.

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