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SheZap is the evil clone of SheZow who debuted in the episode of the same name in the animated show SheZow.

SheZow vs. SheZap

SheZap was created when SheZow/Guy chipped a finger nail and the nail fell into toxic wastes. Unlike SheZow, SheZap was chaotic and made it his/her's goal to spread chaos. She/He also had a diferent supply of weapons from SheZow's. SheZap later escapes in a train, and SheZow makes a vow that he would catch her/him. She/he returns in the episode "She-Pal" and seemingly makes a deal with SheZow and agrees to help him pose as Guy in order to disprove Wanda's suspicions, in return that he join the darkside with him/her. SheZap then takes the form of Guy Hamdon and Wanda goes back on her suspicions. However, SheZap betrays his/her part of the bargain and attempted to destroy SheZow only to have him double cross her/him. He/she then escapes again.

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