150px-Shaven Beard

Shaven Beard

Shaven Beard is a villainous pirate in Grojband. He is a member of the pirate crew along with Captain Tighty Whitey and Barnacle Tim. He has no beard because it has been shaven off and he always steals and plunders things.

He is voiced by Robert Tinkler.


Shaven Beard is a tall pirate with a big shiny chin with no beard. He wears a red bandana with orange spots. He has a long nose and a cream sleeveless shirt with green stripes. He wears a pair of teal pants that are torn at the bottoms of the legs and are being held up by a rope tied around his waist.


  • "Our sea shanties are gone!"
  • "Yarrchoo!"
  • "It looks like Peaceville is pretty laid back captain. Their guard will be down. We can sail right up to that X."
  • "And if you scratch here, you'll get a free dipping sauce."
  • "We're getting close, captain. My knee hurts the way it does when we're around gold!"


  • He may be a parody on one of the No beard pirates from the One Piece series.