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Sharth Voldoun
 Sharth Voldoun is the Blood Knight leader of the Firewing elves in World of Warcraft. He was instructed by his master Kael'thas Sunstrider to detonate a small mana bomb in the Cenarion Thicket which killed several druids in the area in retaliation to interfering Kael'thas' previous project.

Sharth later had his men contruct a larger mana bomb in the courtyard while he holds the Final Code to the bomb. He plans on using it on both the Alliance and Horde. However, an adventurer confronted Voldoun in his home and fought him in a showdown. Sharth was killed in the end and the player took the Final Code. Using the code, the adventurer detonated the mana bomb which killed Sharth's men and foiled Kael'thas' project.

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