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Sharpener is the main antagonist of the Annoying Orange episode, No More Mr. Knife Guy. He is a cruel, sadistic, and ferocious knife sharpener. Knife is very horrified by him as he is a vicious monster. Orange made a joke that involved saying he was "dull". Knife tried to warn Orange that if sharpener heard him, Knife would be forced into a good sharpening. Dane Boedigheimer stores the sharpener behind the knife bock. However, it is unknown what happened to him in season 6 (as the kitchen had undergone some remodeling at that time). After the remodeling, the sharpener is no longer stored behind the knife block.


Sharpener is a pure sharpener with a misshapen face. He has a dark, evil, menacing accent, a villainous attitude, and sharpens any dull-bladed knife. According to Knife, he is harder than a rock.


In The Sitcom, Sharpener appears as an inanimate object.

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