Evil Sharmell 2

Sharmell is a professional wrestling valet and the wife of Booker T. She has spent her career working for WCW, WWE, and TNA, and she is best known for her role as a villainess with her husband.

Sharmell debuted for WWE in mid-2005 as a babyface valet for Booker T, and she was instantly involved in his feud with Kurt Angle. Sharmell became a hidden villainess after the angle ended, and began helping Booker win his matches. Booker was unaware of Sharmell's heel tactics, which eventually led him to becoming the #1 Contender for Chris Benoit's United States Championship.

During the title encounter between Booker and Benoit, Sharmell appeared to keep her heel persona hidden at first, Once Booker was in trouble, Sharmell turned heel and attempted to insert a steel chair into the equation. After she was caught, Sharmell snarled at Benoit over her evil plan being foiled by him. However, at the end of the match, the evil Sharmell delivered a low blow to Benoit, which allowed Booker to win the title and officially cemented Sharmell as a villainess. A week later, it was revealed that Booker knew about his wife's involvement and he attacked Benoit. All the while, Sharmell cackled evilly during the revelation.

Sharmell continued working as the villainous valet to Booker during his road to becoming King of the Ring. After that, she became Queen Sharmell and she and King Booker feuded with guys such as Bobby Lashley and Rey Mysterio, leading to Booker becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Sharmell continuously got involved in Booker's title matches against Batista; often intentionally getting her husband DQ'ed to keep his title. By 2007, Sharmell began to turn against her husband; accusing him of not caring about her. The angle was dropped when the couple was out of WWE later that year.

Sharmell joined Booker in TNA in the fall of 2007 as a babyface, but would turn heel shortly after Booker underwent his own heel turn. She later joined her husband in The Main Event Mafia, which was led by Booker's former WWE rival, Kurt Angle. In her time as a member of the faction, the villainous Sharmell engaged in feuds with ODB, Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, and even Survivor cast member Jenna Morasca. Sharmell's tenure as an evil Knockout ended when she and Booker left TNA in 2008.

As a villainess, Sharmell was conniving, surreptitious, and arrogant. Part of Sharmell's heel gimmick in her early years had her introducing Booker before his matches.