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Sharku is the minor antagonist in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film. He is the Orc captain of the warg riders. Saruman sent him to lead his men to attack the Rohirrim. Aragorn stabs Sharku in the chest, throwing the orc off his warg. He leads a massive number of wargs onto the traveling Rohirric people. Sharku locks into combat with Aragorn. Sharku grabs Aragorn's Evenstar around his neck and his warg pushes an unconscious Aragorn off a cliff. Aragorn is believed to be dead, yet his trusty horse brings him to Helm's Deep. Luckily Legolas found the Evenstar in Sharku's hand. Aragorn was however stuck to the saddle of the Warg and falls to his supposed death. Sharku in his dying breath told Legolas and Gimli that Aragorn is dead.

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